1825 - Mimical Gentlemen (and Ladies) - S&J Fuller

Box states – Mimical Gentlemen by S&J Fuller – 1st Feb 1825
Temple of Fancy – 34 Rathbone Place

This set has 8 gentlmen’s cards and 8 ladies’ cards.

This is a very rare item of  “entertainment”.
We have known of one similar item, which only consisted of 8 gentlemen cards but believe there were sets also issued with the title         

  “Mimical Ladies and Gentlemen”, containing 16 cards (8 gentlemen and 8 ladies).

The cards have the top part of the head as a separate slotted piece and this can be moved to show an open mouth.

Condition –  The cards are in very good condition – no damage and all work well.    Two of the ladies cards are slightly different – there is a name at the top (Pamela, Mrs Pernelle),  the card is slightly thicker, and the movement piece at the back is slightly bigger. /  The box has light repairs to the tape and is slightly worn, but still very good – title etc clearly visible.

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REF: MIS125 

£ 1950

1875 - The Seventeenth Century - Jaques

This is the second in a series of educational games covering the XVI, XVII, XVIII & XIX centuries published by Jaques & Son during the 1870s. This set contains portraits of 50 celebrated characters of the 19th century – composers, statesmen, poets, monarchs, explorers, artists, soldiers, novelists, engineers and geniuses from around the world, along with 50 cards with short biographies and historical events.

Each player starts with 36 counters and contributes 6 to the pool.

The cards with the biographies are scattered on the table face down. The portrait cards are dealt and each player places them in row face up. The player next to the dealer starts by turning up one of the face down cards and reading the biography.  Any player with the other card claims and the two form a trick.  This carries on until one player has pared all his cards.  A wrongly claimed card, cost 2 counters to the pool.

Seventeenth century – Cards are missing biography cards (nos 2,15, 16, 24, 27, 42) / Original rules – scuffed / original box (outer part).

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£ 25


Victoria and her Supporters

We cannot find any reference to this card game.

By the pictures (and characters) the date is assumed to be c1880-1900.

There are eight sets of six cards, each set refers to people in roles

Titles  are Music, Literature, The Stage, Royalty (3 ladies and 3 Gentlemen) Art (5 gentlemen),  Science, The Church,  The Law &  Politics (all men)

Condition – cards ony – no rules or box .  Very good condition

Sovereign = The Queen

Titles Music 3/3– Literature = 3/3 Science 6 men – the sage 3/3  royatly3/3 the hurch 6 art 5/1 = the law – 6 politis

54 + 1 cards ie 9 sets of six cards

1 with some paper loss one missing a corner – another 4/5 small paper loss or staining